Romney: Someone Must Be Responsible For Irresponsible Responses

Yesterday, many in the media seemed more upset with Mitt Romney about his response Obama’s response to the mob violence in Cairo and Bhengazi in which he was points out how upset he was with the  first response of the Cairo embassy, and thus Obama, was only about how upset they, meaning he who was Obama, were upset that a video upset the people and not about how they, again they being he being Obama, were not upset about the mob violence.

The media pointed out that the first response Romney was reacting to was not a response to the violence because the people of Cairo had not yet formed a mob which in turned started to act violently in response to a video.

What the press was too busy to notice in their rush to call Romney’s response premature is that he wouldn’t have responded if he had nothing to respond to. If only the Cairo Embassy, meaning Obama, had waited for the the crowd to turn into the mob that would in turn turn violent. So it seems that Romney was only responding to Obama’s response which was premature since it did not even wait for the mob to respond with violence.

Others try to point out, including Josh Rogin in what now appears to be the left leaning Foreign Policy (Condoleezza Rice staffer Christian Brose and McCain advisor Steve Biegun will undoubtedly response with their resignations to this development,) that the responses from the Cairo Embassy, meaning Obama,  were not authorized by the State Department, meaning not Obama, and that the Sate Department, again not Obama, asked them,  this time Obama, to not respond. But the embassy, I’m just going to say Obama from now on, responded anyway. So maybe Obama should should have listened to the State Department and not responded to the violence that had not happened instead of jumping the gun and responding to violence that was happening when Romney responded.

So in response, Romney would have never responded if Obama hadn’t hired Obama to run the press office for the Cairo Embassy.

UPDATE: Romney tells press that Cairo Embassy violence wouldn’t have happened if Obama wasn’t president and he was, meaning Romney because Romney would have responded to the violent mob well before they were violent because he would have seen it coming and kept things from getting violent by doing things he will later tell us about when he’s elected. Unlike Obama and his people at the Cairo Embassy whom Romney said did not see it coming as evidenced by the response sent out hours before violence occurred in that Obama tried to placate angry Egyptians.

UPDATE on UPDATE: Romney also wants press to make sure that they understand the violence in Libya which seems to have been a coordinated attack to mark 9/11 rather than a mindless mob once more had become known about the attack but this was only found out after Romney had already responded to violence to both Egypt and Libya but he was really only talking about Egypt since he hasn’t mentioned Libyan attack on embassy again in his attack on the Obama’s Cairo Embassy’s response to the violence that has not yet occurred in Egypt and not to violence that was also not yet occurring in Libya.



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Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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