Feminists Need to Realize Roger Ailes Has Been Standing Behind Them All Along.


Roger Ailes interviewing Megan Kelly.

Oh, hypocrisy, thy name is feminist. Roger Ailes is consistently attacked-yet another woman has decided to sacrifice him on the altar of political correctness, for consistently doing what feminists have consistently been asking men to do for years.

The most recent allegation comes from a woman who says that Roger Ailes made lewd advances toward her during a job interview. Roger Ailes should be applauded, not slapped with a law suit.

It’s simple. What is the one consistency among all these supposed allegations of supposed harassment? The women were either BEING INTERVIEWED to work for or were ALREADY WORKING for Ailes. This is the fact that many feminists have glossed over and over again consistently, that Ailes couldn’t have done any of the supposedly repeated acts of harassment if he hadn’t been trying to hire more women in the first place.

That’s right, Ailes is being punished for trying to hire more women. (And the woman who has decided to try and punish him for doing the right thing is also a minority. What next, a charge of racial profiling?) So feminists have decided to throw the baby out with the bath water–which is no big deal to the feminist in the age of Roe v. Wade, in their haste to attack a man who has been working for their cause for years, decades, hiring women, interviewing them, watching them, calling their friends to ask about them.

So keep attacking, feminists. But just think about what the true cost really is – Ailes will never ask another woman to lean forward ever again.

About Jeffrey Frey

Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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