Why Do We Even Need the Office of Congressional Ethics Anyway?

Pictured: I’m pretty sure it’s Nancy Pelosi asking for more graft .

Seriously. Do we really need a watchdog  when I see no problem with the ethics of Congress right now? In fact, most of the people that the Office was created to dog watch are long gone. Many of course are not that far away* though, lending themselves as examples of what happens to those whose have been treed by the truly dogs on the watch for any little misunderstanding.

This supposedly “non-partisan” group has been more than partisan, with far more Republicans being hounded down more than the corrupt Democrats who never get caught being corrupt. Thanks Obama. So, I say it’s about time the rabid watchdog be taken out into the woods and sent upstate to a farm.

*Tom DeLay

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Making Domestic Terrorism Not Right Again.


A picture of angry white men during a meeting held in Washington DC in early November. The picture here depicts the response after moderator asked if anyone needed to use the restroom.

There are many reasons to believe Trump will make America Great Again. Let’s start with the Great Wall that will overshadow the other now lesser Great Wall which doesn’t seem to have worked anyway since there seems to be a lot of Asian people in China. Just saying. There’s also the great way he is draining the swamp so he can build a luxurious gated community for all his cabinet and administration picks to work to make America greater.

But nothing says how Great America is going to be made again but Trump’s war on terrorism. Now, we have all been waiting on pins and needles for Trump to really become president so Trump’ secret plan to defeat ISIS on Day One will finally be trademarked so he can share it with the world with moderate licensing fees applied. But what pundits has ignored is how Trump has pretty much redefined how America will view domestic terrorism.

For some years now, the liberal press and certain FBI apparatchiks* have tried to tell us that Americans should be more afraid of angry white men than Radical Islamic Terrorists. But Trump has already helped make angry white men great again by bringing them into the White House. Both Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn are trusted advisors of Trump, letting white angry men know that they finally have a voice in governance again so there is no longer a reason to even think about domestic terrorist acts even though they never really did since the so-called “domestic terrorist” attacks perpetrated by angry white men had nothing to do with other angry white men. But with Trump at the helm, with Bannon and Flynn at both his left hand and right, angry white men will no longer be racially profiled by the FBI so they can spend their time more productively by racially profile the people who really deserve it again.

*James Comey being the exception to the rule.
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More People Do Not Vote For Clinton Than People Who Do Not Vote for Trump

Donald Trump has officially won the 2016 Presidential Election a second time as he received 304 votes where he only needed 270. Trump praised the win as unprecedented, correctly pointing out that no one has ever won with that exact number of votes before. In fact, with those 304 votes, he beats both Jack Kennedy and Harry Truman who only received 303 votes.

As for the landslide aspect of the win, one would have to go back to 2012 to see one this huge. But even that number has an asterisk on it since the Democrat’s most assuredly won because they pushed to have illegal immigrants enrolled in colleges, so-called Dreamers, especially the electoral one. For a Republican landslide this huge, not since 1988 with William Horton George Bush crushing his opponent, Michael Dukakis (sic*), has Republicans given any Republican candidate any electoral college vote above 300. As a reminder, Trump surpassed 300 easily by at least 4 points.

He would have received even more votes except for some electors who chose to go against the will of the majority of voters in their state. But even with faithless electors, Trump wins by having less of them. Hillary Clinton again comes up short by having more people not vote for her than the number of people who did not vote for Trump. and lets face it, the two electors who did not vote for Trump were from Texas so they were most likely Mexican or knew someone who was Mexican, because, you know, Texas. The rest of the Texas electors voted overwhelmingly for Trump, because, you know, Texas.

Trump, ever gracious about his victory, spoke highly of the being accepted into the electoral college but declined to declare a major for the time being, saying that he wants to check out the different departments and professors before he settles on any one course of study.

*This is how everyone spells his name but I’m pretty sure they’re spelling it incorrectly anyway.
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Directly from the Rabbit’s Hole: What if It Wasn’t Russia but the Soviet Union?

Really. Maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong. And if we have, another candidate that isn’t Trump would have a lot of explaining to do because he would most certainly be investigated since, as stated earlier, he isn’t Trump. Or a Republican. Or Democrat.

That’s right. I’m talking about Comrade Sanders. He’s socialist. So was the Soviet Union. Russia used to be part of the Soviet Union. Russians hacked the DNC and released info that hurt Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders. It just hurt Hillary Clinton less when Bernie Sanders needed it to hurt more.  When it started to hurt Hillary Clinton more Bernie Sanders was less in the picture. Which doesn’t mean that he wasn’t behind the email leaks, working with sleeper agents from the KGB who just so happened to be sleeper agents in their own country, wanting a chance to bring up Bernie Sanders while bringing down their own government by making Vladimir Putin look bad. But what they didn’t take into account was that Putin would always look good to Donald Trump, who knows good without ever having to look into Putin’s eyes once and only having to read Putin’s positive comments which made Trump feel good.

So like the Berlin Wall, Sanders’ communist plot tumbled into ruin when bathed in the presence of greatness. And like Reagan, Trump now has the power to work with Russia and make the world a better place for us all. But mainly Putin, who seems to be a nice guy in that Trump thinks he seems to be a nice guy.


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Feminists Need to Realize Roger Ailes Has Been Standing Behind Them All Along.


Roger Ailes interviewing Megan Kelly.

Oh, hypocrisy, thy name is feminist. Roger Ailes is consistently attacked-yet another woman has decided to sacrifice him on the altar of political correctness, for consistently doing what feminists have consistently been asking men to do for years.

The most recent allegation comes from a woman who says that Roger Ailes made lewd advances toward her during a job interview. Roger Ailes should be applauded, not slapped with a law suit.

It’s simple. What is the one consistency among all these supposed allegations of supposed harassment? The women were either BEING INTERVIEWED to work for or were ALREADY WORKING for Ailes. This is the fact that many feminists have glossed over and over again consistently, that Ailes couldn’t have done any of the supposedly repeated acts of harassment if he hadn’t been trying to hire more women in the first place.

That’s right, Ailes is being punished for trying to hire more women. (And the woman who has decided to try and punish him for doing the right thing is also a minority. What next, a charge of racial profiling?) So feminists have decided to throw the baby out with the bath water–which is no big deal to the feminist in the age of Roe v. Wade, in their haste to attack a man who has been working for their cause for years, decades, hiring women, interviewing them, watching them, calling their friends to ask about them.

So keep attacking, feminists. But just think about what the true cost really is – Ailes will never ask another woman to lean forward ever again.

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Trump Meets With Kanye, Looking Forward to Working With Him in His Administration

Donald Trump met with noted rapper and husband Kanye West last night as he works diligently to shore up his choices for key positions in his cabinet. Trump, in a staged photo op that more than sated the press who only just hours before learned that Trump would not be addressing his solution for the alleged conflict of interest that many claim will be part of his administration. Trump feels if he lets the interests know his plan too soon,  they will see him coming and it would be Aleppo* all over again.

But Trump only had great words for Kanye West. “It’s always great to see him,” Trump said. “And I look forward to working with Ben as he takes on HUD.” Kanye added, “Yeah, okay.”

“Of course Trump knows it was Kanye West,” Jason Miller, Trump spokesman, later said. “He only mentioned Ben Carson since He and Mr. West was discussing Trump’s highly qualified pick for HUD secretary moments earlier. The dishonest press once again is trying infer something that was never implied.”

Kanye West could not be reached for comment.


Kanye West, here with his wife Kim Kardashian, has conspicuously never been seen in the same room or photographed with Dr. Ben Carson. 

*Pretty sure he meant Aleppo and Alpo was just a slip of the tongue, so I’m giving him this one.
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John Bolton Is Just About Done With the Whole Sorry Bunch of ‘Em.


John Bolton fuming about some rigamarole.

In an official statement, John Bolton ain’t havin none of it, nosiree Bob. He dagnabbits the environment in Washington DC that has been politicized the Intelligence Community to a point where they are acting as partisan players. He goes further in the statement to consarnit the press for taking his “False Flag” statement out of context and says he never meant it as a criticism of the Obama administration.

“I weren’t sayin nuthin,” Bolton ruminated mightily. “Just sayin is all.”

According to many sources within the Trump transition team, Bolton is fit to be tied and seems to be spitting nails. But after being a close advisor to Trump for most of his campaign, Bolton just wishes he did but doesn’t quite know how to quit him and will mostly stay on to work in the Trump Administration if he gawdarn feels like it.




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