Let Freedom Ring Twice As Loud Once Again.

I have been resurrected. In that I have found some free time once again to speak of being Frey. Jeffrey Frey. Perhaps it is the dawning of a new age into which the world has stepped in. To. Perhaps it is the awakening of the sleeping masses to a breath of fresh air coming out of the one place you would never have suspected. From the liberal wilderness that is Mad Hattan, comes a voice that is as clear and crisp and rigid as the follicles that distinguish the speaker. His words to us a clarion call that has torn down one wall so as to build yet another greater wall.

And it is on his shoulders, this giant, that I now perch, suddenly assured that my words, will be accepted, and perhaps shared, without the hinderance of worrying about the facts. I need not worry about being correct, politically or otherwise, ever again. With impunity, I strike at the very ills that I think are wrong with the world. Not matter where they strive to destroy us or if they thrive at all.

As for my reemergence. You are welcome to it.

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Romney Ridiculed For Doing Something Lincoln Kind of Did

As Lincoln did before him, Romney filled his cabinet post with people whom he disagreed with. In Romney’s case, it was with people who were women who worked outside the home.

Romney was again ridiculed by the liberal media and the social media and late night talk show hosts and some tribesman of a small cargo cult deep in the Amazon Basin, for pointing out that he had actually gone out of his way to find those few women qualified to work for his government.

So which is it, people? Do you want women hired or not? I bet Obama never collected binders full of women so he and his staff could leaf through them, looking at each woman’s statistics, picturing themselves with each one, wondering how things would work out if they did in fact choose her. How did she feel about family? Did she have kids? If not, did she want kids? And finally, when she had kids, who would he get to replace her? I bet these things never even cross Obama’s mind.

Some people are trying to say that they aren’t upset that Romney hired women, it’s that he said he didn’t know any qualified women to begin with. Well, come on. That makes perfect sense to me. Mitt Romney was not a politician, he had worked in private sector up until 2002 1999. And not just any private sector, but business finance. You know numbers. And we all know, and by we I mean Mitt, Larry, and I, women and math just don’t add up.

Other pundits are trying to point out that what Mitt Romney describes sounds very similar to Affirmative Action. It isn’t. Mitt wasn’t trying to fill quotas. He’s a businessman. He saw a lack of female employees as a drain on payroll. He was save money by hiring women and paying them less than he would men in the same position, saving his state at least 23 cents on the dollar. Sound business. And I’m pretty sure that if if didn’t save money the way Romney wanted it to, he would have gone with plan B, which would have moved the cabinet to a call center outside of Mumbai. So as you can see, there was nothing affirmative about Romney’s actions at all.

How is it that when I hear the hoots and hollers from the left about Romney’s binders of women, I can picture the same people hooting and hollering at Lincoln about his team of rivals? It’s the same thing. Lincoln hired people that he really shouldn’t have and Romney felt the same way. As Lincoln freed the slaves, so too did Romney hire women. History does repeat itself.

You’re welcome.

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Romney Proves Obama Bad President (& Father) By Debating Like Teenage Girl and Still Winning

Mitt Romney gave nothing  short of a masters class in what I am trademarking ing the Nuh-Uh Strategy in his appearance in the debate last night. In doing so, Romney treated Obama to a cold dish of obduracy that had Malia and Sasha scrambling to take notes for future reference and more than a few political leaders dreading having to face it across the negotiating table when Romney becomes president.

So how does Nuh-Uh strategy work? Well, as it names implies, the primary rule is to deny. And not just deny some things. Deny everything and anything. Even if it’s true.  Even if you had just said what the other person is saying you said, deny you ever said it. Case in point. Obama says Romney’s tax plan calls for $5 trillion in  tax cuts. “Nuh-uh,” Romney says. It does, Obama  continues. “Nuh-uh,” Romney counters. But it does, Obama  states again half-heartedly. “Nuh-uh,” Romney chirps.  Point Romney. A point won by the Republican nominee denying that he plans on cutting taxes. What is even better for Romney is that everyone already knows he is so planning on cutting taxes that much. But as any teenage girl will tell you, the truth doesn’t matter as long you look good lying.

And Romney, to all the left’s amazement and consternation, looked better lying than Obama did trying to tell the truth. Obama didn’t have a chance as he played the harried dad frustrated by the antics of Romney’s Gidget Incarnate (pre-pro-labor, of course) as he befuddledly fumbled about his answers as if he was just asked by a newly post-pubertal Romnette on her prom night how do you know if it’s the right time to, know you, do it.

And there you have it. Romney now have many people saying today that Romney never looked more presidential as when he acts like a spoiled 15 year old girl who really really wants that new iPhone.

You’re welcome.


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Barack Obama Stops Being Secretly Muslim to Be Secretly Black

A tip of a wholly non affectatious hat to Matt Drudge for uncovering this outrageous piece of video in which Obama not only calls for racial disharmony but does it in an accent that both Drudge and Hannity call out immediately as wholly affectatious. How dare Obama speak to a black audience as if he speaks black. Luckily, both Drudge and Hannity have hung around with Herman Cain and Alan Keyes enough (twice, three would be more than enough believe you me) to know how real black people talk. The problem of course was not his affectatious accent but his real rhetoric. I’m paraphrasing here a bit in that Obama implied, well I inferred that he implied, that perhaps they should burn the mother up. And in mother I am guessing that I’m thinking that Obama was speaking of America and not his actual mother, him having not used the words mother and/or America as far as I can remember so the implication Obama was making according to my inference was a bit strained which he tends to do.

But even more damaging for Obama is that in this video taped some time before yesterday in the small window of time when Obama wasn’t running for president (if that windows even exists, it’s that small slit of a window allowing only a small bit of sunshine into the basement level of a split foyer suburban home) he calls Reverend Wright a friend worthy of acknowledgment. Yes, that Reverend Wright. So here is Obama on tape as if he said it tonight, which he did in a way since it is on tape, bowing to the man who said that God has damned America not for kowtowing to the gays (which God is still pissed about according to Pat Robertson) but for some outrageous reason that I would actually have to watch more than the five second snippet to know but I won’t because he said God Damn America on it.

Hannity and Drudge talk about more of the smoking gun moments on this video that has not seen the light of day since 2007 or so, give or take every year since then, mainly give. I’m sure you have seen it so I won’t go too deep into it since I haven’t. But there is a point that both Hannity and Drudge glance over and perhaps need to take a closer look. It is when Obama calls out these men of religion (the audience was a gathering of black ministers) for not doing enough. How dare this man so disrespect these men of God, especially since he disrespects them everyday by never mentioning God ever except when he needs to act like he does believe in God but he doesn’t since even when he talks about God, its only in an affectatious way and God is all lowercase which I can’t even bring myself to write.

So, to Hannity and Drudge, you’re welcome. And I’m pretty sure Michelle Malkin will go with this angle as well.

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Scott Brown Tells Warren to Give Indian Heritage Back

Scott Brown, a Brown American who has never tried to get ahead because of it (that summer he worked on his uncle’s farm, almost constantly shirtless, sweat glistening in the very sun that toasted a young fit Scotty to a dark ochre does not count though it will always hold a special place in his uncle’s heart, who as it turns out was not Scot’s real uncle but a neighbor who was all the boys’ uncle and amateur photographer,) would  not let the people of Massachusetts forget what is the most important issue of the race for his Senate seat. And that is of course not the economy or foreign policy or Washington’s tone deaf reactions to social issues,  but Elizabeth Warren’s race and the lack thereof.

Elizabeth Warren has for too long draped herself in the guise of the Native American; and unlike the patriots at the Boston Tea Party who pretended to be noble savages for a good cause, she has only used it for personal gain, collecting coups such as getting into Ivy league-adjacent Rutgers Law School-Newark, something the white daughter of a janitor and a GWU debate scholarhship winner would never be able to do. But hopefully, Brown has thrown a wet, smallpox-infested blanket on Warren’s so-called Native American heritage.

Many on the left have gone on the warpath because Brown is only stating the obvious: Elizabeth Warren does not appear to be Native American. They say that he was being bigoted in pointing her skin. Scott Brown, though, never mentioned skin color; it was the liberals speaking with forked tongues who brought up her skin.

Brown, in saying that Warren didn’t seem to be Native American,  was obviously speaking of the many factors beyond mere skin color that makes him doubt her claims. The absence of ceremonial dress such as a feathered headdress that displays the many coups she has counted that she would be wearing with pride to all public functions is one. Not once has Elizabeth Warren been seen in public wearing a chest plate made of bison bones and colorful beads. No scalps collected from settlers. And in her everyday appearnaces, not once has she worn  an ill-fitting trucker hat or t-shirt with the totem of the casino her tribe owns but lets the mob run. There are no tears as she witnesses the trash littering our decaying infrastructure. Speaking of roadways, I think there’s only one person in the race who actually owns a pickup truck. I’ll give you a hint as to the owner: it isn’t tireless, up on blocks in someone’s overgrown yard.

Or maybe it is her physique rather than the color of skin that does not fit. She doesn’t seem to be suffering from morbid obesity or liver disease (which I guess would change her skin color to yellow but that’s difference) which seem to be the fad among her people these days. Also, her fingers aren’t stained brown from smoking way too many way too cheap cigarettes.

And if you think these are bigoted observations rather than accepted generalizations, then you are calling Sherman Alexie a bigot. And Louise Erdrich. A woman. Because if I took one thing away from that stupid American Lit course I had to take my junior year, these descriptors are pretty much it. And that Asian women are warriors.

So I applaud Brown taking this heroic, dare I say Custerian, stand and perhaps it will be his Wounded Knee and not the Little Big Horn Warren is hoping for.

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Chuck Schumer Endorses Paul Ryan for Vice President

Paul Ryan, seen here receiving the endorsement of Ronald Reagan, received one from someone you wouldn’t think would.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, in what will most likely be used in ads for Paul Ryan,  wholeheartedly endorsed Ryan for Vice President.

It’s nice to see Paul Ryan back here in Congress. It will be even nicer to see him back here as a full-time member in January.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Socialist-NY Archipelago

Because as Chuck Schumer should know, and Sarah Palin most certainly does, is that Paul Ryan as Vice President will be President of the Senate of the Senate and thus a full-time member of the Congress.

“Of course we know what a vice president does, and that’s not only preside over the Senate, and we’ll take that position very seriously, also, I’m thankful that the Constitution would allow a bit more authority given to the vice president also if that vice president so chose to exert it in working with the Senate….”

Sarah Palin, author
Lemme Tell Ya Whadoncha Know About The US of A Vol. 1:  The US Constitution of the US of A

So, Schumer in this endorsement, from the floor of the Senate no less, seems to be splitting from his politburo in calling for Ryan as vice president. Schumer, later interrogated by stringers from Tass, known locally as the mainstream media, declined to say if the endorsement for Ryan extended to Romney as well. I placed a call to Ms. Palin for clarification on how vice presidents are elected to see if Schumer can actually endorse Ryan without also endorsing Romney and will get back to you once I get a definitive answer.

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: While Ms. Palin’s people have yet to answer about the process of electing vice presidents, they have clarified one point for some of my readers. The US Constitution she refers to in the first volume of her Primer for Patriots series, Lemme Tell Ya Whadoncha Know About The US of  A, The US Constitution is the document and not the boat by the same name but with an extra S. And by document she means handed down by God himself.

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Romney: Someone Must Be Responsible For Irresponsible Responses

Yesterday, many in the media seemed more upset with Mitt Romney about his response Obama’s response to the mob violence in Cairo and Bhengazi in which he was points out how upset he was with the  first response of the Cairo embassy, and thus Obama, was only about how upset they, meaning he who was Obama, were upset that a video upset the people and not about how they, again they being he being Obama, were not upset about the mob violence.

The media pointed out that the first response Romney was reacting to was not a response to the violence because the people of Cairo had not yet formed a mob which in turned started to act violently in response to a video.

What the press was too busy to notice in their rush to call Romney’s response premature is that he wouldn’t have responded if he had nothing to respond to. If only the Cairo Embassy, meaning Obama, had waited for the the crowd to turn into the mob that would in turn turn violent. So it seems that Romney was only responding to Obama’s response which was premature since it did not even wait for the mob to respond with violence.

Others try to point out, including Josh Rogin in what now appears to be the left leaning Foreign Policy (Condoleezza Rice staffer Christian Brose and McCain advisor Steve Biegun will undoubtedly response with their resignations to this development,) that the responses from the Cairo Embassy, meaning Obama,  were not authorized by the State Department, meaning not Obama, and that the Sate Department, again not Obama, asked them,  this time Obama, to not respond. But the embassy, I’m just going to say Obama from now on, responded anyway. So maybe Obama should should have listened to the State Department and not responded to the violence that had not happened instead of jumping the gun and responding to violence that was happening when Romney responded.

So in response, Romney would have never responded if Obama hadn’t hired Obama to run the press office for the Cairo Embassy.

UPDATE: Romney tells press that Cairo Embassy violence wouldn’t have happened if Obama wasn’t president and he was, meaning Romney because Romney would have responded to the violent mob well before they were violent because he would have seen it coming and kept things from getting violent by doing things he will later tell us about when he’s elected. Unlike Obama and his people at the Cairo Embassy whom Romney said did not see it coming as evidenced by the response sent out hours before violence occurred in that Obama tried to placate angry Egyptians.

UPDATE on UPDATE: Romney also wants press to make sure that they understand the violence in Libya which seems to have been a coordinated attack to mark 9/11 rather than a mindless mob once more had become known about the attack but this was only found out after Romney had already responded to violence to both Egypt and Libya but he was really only talking about Egypt since he hasn’t mentioned Libyan attack on embassy again in his attack on the Obama’s Cairo Embassy’s response to the violence that has not yet occurred in Egypt and not to violence that was also not yet occurring in Libya.


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Romney Opens Up About What He Doesn’t Believe In

Mitt Romney really wants you to know the real Mitt Romney, not the straw man the media has built so they can help Obama steal the election yet again. So the real Mitt Romney stepped forward with heavy steel toed boots to step on of the more pesky rumors that have hounded him for years.

According to a story just posted by Tom Gatesta, political desk editor for The WillPostForFoodington Times, Mitt Romney, breaking from his usual daily press briefing habit of not having any  press briefing ever, started and ended the press briefing with a simple request

Listen, guys. I don’t know how it all got started but I really wish you would stop calling a Mormon, okay? I never said I was a Mormon so you need to quit saying it as well. I’m no more a Mormon than the next guy who hasn’t died yet and was posthumously baptized into the Mormon church. Come on, I’m running for president for Pete’s sake. Plus, it really upsets Ann. So cut it out.

With this announcement that most clearly will clear the way for many people who actually believed Romney was a Mormon to see him as a man willing to fight for the presidency. Yes, its an uphill battle and there may not be time for everyone to get past the vail of decent weaved by Romney’s opponent in an attempt to steal the South back for the Democrats. God willing, and it’s the right God, hung out with Indians handing out gold plates, the South will rise and vote for this man who believes the same ting they do, that God would never pass out golden plates and Jesus didn’t hang out with Indians.

Perhaps now, Obama will get some backbone and stand up against those thugs who come to his rallies to finally defend Romney against their slander. That would be the Christian thing to do in that only a Christian would do that and if one doesn’t then one must not be a Christian.

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Obama Renews His Support for Ground Zero Mosque

Today of all days, Obama has decided to go against the very people who would never vote for him this coming November by again voicing support for the Ground Zero Mosque that is to be located somewhere on the island of Manhattan. Even Imam Rauf, who is connected the Muslim Brotherhood because he is a Muslim, has cut ties to Park51, the community center that will destroy the very fabric of Lower Manhattan’s close knit community of strip clubs and DUANEReades.

But not Obama, who was in Washington, DC, today ignoring the family and victims of Ground Zero after they requested that no politicians take part in the ceremony this year. Adeptly filling the void, 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani, forever linked to 9/11 as a central figure in saving Manhattan from another 9/11 by reminding people he was mayor of New York when 9/11 happened and he wouldn’t let it happen again even if he couldn’t run for a third term like he wanted to, spoke to reporters at the ceremony after standing in front of the press pool for what seemed like minutes until they finally resigned themselves to his presence and made eye contact. He applauded the fact that elected politicians would have no voice on this day but since he hasn’t been elected to anything in a very long time felt that he should speak out and say that while we remember the victims and their families, we need also to remember that people are trying to kill us and that is really the important thing to remember on this day or remembrance.

But while anything 9/11 Mayor Guiliani says is important and should be paid full attention to, I am loathe to speak of Obama and his overt statement of support of the people who attacked us on 9/11.

I’ve always said that our fight is with al-Qaeda and its affiliates, not with Islam or any other religion.

Barack Obama

By denying Islam is not  affiliated with al-Qaeda, Obama is giving refuge to the very people that believe in the same God that the people who attacked us claimed to believe in. And those people will take this support and continue trying to build a community center very near the place we all hold sacred. And that community center will lull us into a false sense of community with those people. And that is when they will attack. So Obama in voicing vague support for Islam and many of the people who haven’t killed us YET but almost certainly will has almost certainly condemned us all.

Remember 9/11. And don’t forget who attacked us by association.

You’re welcome.

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Planned Parenthood Aborted Susan Handel’s Career, Handel’s Ghostwriter Writes

Karen Handel is not a victim in her book, Planned Bullyhood, about how Planned Parenthood victimized her.

Sen. John Ky (R-AZ) once spoke the truth to about just how dependent Planned Parenthood is on its abortion “fire sale” mentality (“Everything Sacred Must Go”). He was then summarily attacked by the liberal media and under the relentless barrage of  the actual facts, he relented. But that does not make his truth any less true than when he spoke it. As I wrote bravely at the time of his bravery, and later cowardice for kowtowing in saying yea to his naysayers

97% or 97 procedures? Who cares. Semantics or word definition or overall accuracy cannot get in the way of the truth that we all believe to be fact; and what really matters is the fact that we believe it to be true. And we now have a new truth to believe, that facts just threw 97% of all soon-to-be aborted human beings under the bus.

Jefferey Frey,
The Numbers Don’t Count When Numbers Are Confirmed

But today, the truth gets a second chance to set the facts straight when it comes to Planned Parenthood with the release of the nonpartisan very objective observations by Karen Handel of what was supposed to be a nonpolitical issue involving Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Planned Bullyhood,  The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure is riveting according to the dozens of press releases that heralds the release of the herald Karen Handel’s cry of defiance against Planned Parenthood’s cry of false victimization, leaving only Handel, and billions of unborn persons,  as the real victims.

Not that Handel would allow her tormentors the satisfaction by admitting she was really a victim of the whole battle, she most likely says (I haven’t read the tome since it seems like something a male wouldn’t really be interested in reading since it’s about women cat-fighting verbally and not literally and Maxim hasn’t mentioned it once) that the bullying she encountered only made her stronger and perhaps, sadly, a more cynical person who has seen the reality of how Planned Parenthood hates women in power as much as they hate unborn persons in uteri.

The gist of the book, for my male readers as well as my female readers who are too busy struggling through the newest sequel of the Nanny Diaries, tells how Handel was hired by Susan Komen for the Cure to try and find a nonpolitical way to stop funding grants of breast cancer screenings from going to Planned Parenthood. The decision had nothing to with the mind numbing number of abortions Planned Parenthood was believed to be forcing on women daily but that Planned Parenthood was not performing mammograms themselves but only referring women to doctors for breast exams, supposedly to make room for all the abortions believed by many to be happening hourly. Handel explains that  women had other channels to these mammograms including their insurance providers who would send them to their primary providers who then would refer these women to places where mammograms are given, making sure that the insurance companies are involved. Handel doesn’t talk about women who don’t have insurance since they can probably use their husband’s insurance. And if they don’t have a husband, they really need to get one so they can get insurance because breast cancer is a major cause of death for people with breast, even people with breasts who aren’t yet wives and mothers. And that Catholic Church was pushing Komen to pull its funding for Planned Parenthood since it videotapes all its abortions and later released on DVD and sold in its lobby.

Handel, a politician whose was Pro-life and Personhood for All centric, lost her bid for the governorship of Georgia in 2010, was seen as the perfect candidate to end the grants to Planned Parenthood nonpolitically since she had previously shown how she wasn’t good at politics since everyone in Georgia actually agreed with her platform and she still lost. (Another factor could be that some Georgians saw Personhood for All as a slippery slope and that some unborn anchor fetuses could accidently be seen as real unborn persons.)

There you have it.  A must read book about how the bullies aren’t really the victims we say they are but that we are really the victims the bullies attack but we don’t wallow in our victimhood, instead writing a book about how they’re all bullies. But read it for yourself. And me, so you can tell me how right I am about this writer.

You’re welcome.

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