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Thanks to the employment downturn in 2008, I have been working freelance for the past few years while I have been honing my skills as a web designer and getting back to my strengths as a writer. Now, I am stuck at working for some very strange and wondrous people handling most of the behind the scene works including sponge-bathing Will Post along with making sure the content is uploaded correctly and is mostly intelligible. Making it intelligent is beyond my paygrade. Sorry. But the more hits the site gets, the more scraps I get. So help out. If you're interested in talking to me about the work I do here or please Go the work I could be doing for you, please email. Thanks.

Why Do We Even Need the Office of Congressional Ethics Anyway?

Seriously. Do we really need a watchdog  when I see no problem with the ethics of Congress right now? In fact, most of the people that the Office was created to dog watch are long gone. Many of course are … Continue reading

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Directly from the Rabbit’s Hole: What if It Wasn’t Russia but the Soviet Union?

Really. Maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong. And if we have, another candidate that isn’t Trump would have a lot of explaining to do because he would most certainly be investigated since, as stated earlier, he isn’t Trump. … Continue reading

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