Trump Doesn’t Want Intelligence.

So, here we are, finally. A president that rejects the many crutches offered it by the ObamaCare of Spydom, the CIA and its ilk. Rather than have his intellect be hobbled by the doomsayings of a community that depends on the president being hobbled and in need of the aforementioned crutches which only they can supply, Trump is walking away from the briefings, these death panels meant to kill any idea that Trump, using his years of thinking about the world in which time he never depended on the twice aforementioned crutches, will think of when it it comes to dealing with the world. Artful in his dealings, I might add.

Trump, in a glorious tactical maneuver not unlike the first man to leap from a cliff into what he presumed to be clear, sparkling water below without first ascertaining if there was in fact clear, sparkling water below, has literally* jumped from a cliff into what he has presumed to be clear, sparking water below. And thank God, he has brought the United States along with him in this thrilling endeavor that will most assuredly end well. For who needs intelligence when we are being led by a man like Trump thinks he knows more than all the generals and spies the fevered ranks of the so-called intelligence community. If they are so good at their jobs, they should already know that Trump will be so much better at those jobs than they are.

The American people know that Trump would not benefit from these briefings, I am almost sure of. And, by the way, so does the world, especially Russia I am most certain of.

*By literally I mean figuratively since he can’t take us all over said cliff at once. That would call for a much larger cliff than any Mexican seaside resort could offer. Plus, there is no way we all could get off work at the same tim to go to that resort if it even existed.



About Jeffrey Frey

Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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