Mitt Romney Meets A Press

I live-blogged every gotcha question from David Gregory and Mitt’s gotcha back answers (with a much appreciated assist from Ann Romney, this week being played by Angela Lansbury from The Manchurian Candidate.) Read below to see  how Romney just won the election with this in-depth recitation of his talking points.

10:37am: Remembered the Meet the Press was on. Luckily I have that thing that digital records video, a DRV I believe it is called.

10:39am: Mitt Romney had decided to go shopping to keep her mind of . . . .

10:40am: Turns out, I had accidently started Keeping up with the Kardashians on the DRV. Give me a second . . .

2 mins in, David Gregory asks Mitt a question. Mitt answers it. Good start.

5 mins in, DG has already asked several questions that Mitt has answered. This liveblogging is going great.

Glad to see Romney with a shout out to our brave men and women in the patriotic militia with his Juntos con Romney sign at his.

8 mins, “You want more jobs, you want higher income, then Vote for Romney and Ryan” is the perfect bumper sticker for his base who have two cars that are usually parked next to each other in the driveway, (but not between 6am and 6pm since the neighborhood board wants cars out of sight so as to make it look like everyone is out there building it. Which they are.)

David Gregory’s audition for Fox News Sunday is going great. He has asked the tough questions as well as providing the talking points for the Romney to answer those tough questions.

10 mins in, need to check my twitterfeed to see what Erick Erickson’s response to Ann Romney’s answer to David Gregory’s question of how she felt that people were being mean to her.

12 mins in, Mitt defends Clint and takes a much needed jab at Obama who uses a teleprompter. Mitt is as funny as he thought Clint was.

Turns out, the sign Juntos con Romney is not actually a call for a military takeover of the government by militiamen. My bad. Why we need English only laws.

16 mins. in, sitting down at Romney’s campaign office which being described as austere is putting it lightly. Not sure if rug is going to help if their are no walls or roofs. But at least he isn”t spending American tax dollars on his campaign HQ like Obama does.

17 mins in, Romney slams the people who say he isn’t wonky by getting wonky.

19 mins in, Romney, sad to say, panders to the 99%ers by saying the higher income earners wouldn’t actually pay less taxes.

20 mins names the loopholes he close as “deductions and tax breaks”. Finally getting specific.

22 mins in, Romney slams Obamacare by detailing how his plan will use different phrasing to do what Obamacare does.

24 mins in, Romney points out that Obama didn’t speak to an American Legion lodge before his convention so he wins the Afghanistan War of words.

25 mins in, Romney calls a nuclear Russia Iran our greatest threat.

26 mins in, We don’t live with a nuclear Iran, Romney says. John  Bolton is shooting his six shooters into the sky and the building next door as Romney commits to stop Iran even if it kills us.

29 mins in, Romney again disappoints with his answer that he doesn’t control the Supreme Court. Has no one read the Constitution recently?

30 mins in, Romney answers another question.

31 mins in, Romney is worried about the country. There, liberals, there’s your empathy.

Wow, that was extremely information in that I learned that Juntos con Romney is not what I thought it meant.

You’re welcome.

PS. Just to catch you up on the rest of the show, Peggy Noonan compares Mitt Romney to Reagan who she knew personally and Bill Bennett give Romney even odds on winning. One of the Castro brothers, Raul I believe, shows up to spout socialistic slogans,

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