Maryland US Representative Denies Holocaust Is Same As Allowing Student Loans

Leave it to liberals to overreact to something a conservative said. Maryland US Representative Roscoe Bartlett, (R-MD) who is the US representative from Maryland who’s up for reelection to represent Maryland in the US House of Representatives as the US Representative from Maryland’s 6th District located in the state of Maryland, while coming to the defense of America’s cash-strapped students probably expected to get some accolades for his compassion but instead gets taken out of line, and in front of his terrified wife and child, shot context.

Here is the statement that liberals has completely misunderstood

Not that it’s not a good idea to give students loans; it certainly is a good idea to give them loans,” Bartlett said. “But if you can ignore the Constitution to do something good today, tomorrow you will be ignoring the Constitution to do something bad. You could. There are more people in our, in America today of German ancestry than any other [inaudible]. The Holocaust that occurred in Germany — how in the heck could that happen? And when you start down the wrong road, it can be a very slippery slope.”

First of all, we all know that the Holocaust happened precisely Germany felt that it could ignore the US Constitution. That is not even part of the debate. Hitler was pretty much on record on never being a big fan of this sacred document or the Federalist Papers; he was interested in finding and unleashing the evil within the Necronomicon.

But where the liberal media seems to be yelling gotcha when they really haven’t gotchim at all is that they claim Bartlett is comparing giving student loans to the Holocaust. He isn’t doing that at all. He says that giving students loans is a good thing that is unconstitutional while the Holocaust is a bad thing that is unconstitutional. If Bartlett is comparing student loans to anything it would most likely be the progressive push for America to be involved in  the League of Nations post WWI. Sure, working with nations of the world to secure a halt to aggression would be a good thing but not really constitutional in that the Republicans in the Senate didn’t vote to be in it. Luckily we didn’t ignore the Constitution then; and because we didn’t go down that slippery slope, nothing horrible like the Holocaust happened.

It’s really simple and I’m almost ashamed that I didn’t see it before. If at first they come for students, and you don’t speak out, what are they going to come for next?*

I applaud your courage Rep. Bartlett for putting this in context that I can understand.

You’re welcome. But not to student loans.

*gay marriage. It’s gay marriage. Of course it’s gay marriage.

About Jeffrey Frey

Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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