Obama’s Giant Sand Head Much Bigger Than Romney’s Pinhead

(This is a comment I made on a post over at the conservative blog site of Letting Freedom Ring about a giant sand sculpture of Obama being built for the DNC. I’m giving you this expanded version (additions and edits in red) here so you can share in the insights.  You’re welcome.)

Outrageous. Obama and his ego. This giant sand sculpture is just the tip of the iceberg that the Democrats on heading full speed for as they cruise along on the bad ship Obamantic. It’s as if the whole Democratic National Convention is all about him. Didn’t we just spend a whole week in Tampa completely focused on Obama? You would think that one convention centered completely around his presidency would be enough for this guy.

Mitt’s pinheads, in commemoration of Mitt’s singlehandedly saving the lesser of the two types of Olympics (Paralympics are not Olympics or it would have the entire word “Olympics” in it), not nearly as big as Obama’s sculptured sand head.

And I think I can say definitively that the RNC would ever even think of building anything so conspicuous to promote that Mitt Romney is our nominee of choice. In fact, the RNC seemed to go out of its way to not focus on Romney so as to better focus on what was really important-talking about Obama.

Anyway, even if the convention had been about Mitt Romney, which it wasn’t since that would mean he would be running on the adopted platform all Republicans are running on and he’s not about to do that since that would get in the way of not actually giving any specifics of what he’s actually running on. Mitt Romney is not the type of man who needs something so audacious as a sixteen-foot image of himself to feed his ego. Take Mitt’s Olympic pins for instance. I’m pretty certain none of them are that big even though he did singlehandedly save the 2002 Winter Olympics by knowing exactly who to ask for money and he deserved to have commissioned these pins to remind everyone that the Olympics couldn’t have happened without him.

Will people ever start giving Mitt Romney what he really deserves and stop giving Obama what he doesn’t?

You’re welcome.

Update: Kasey Jachim commented on my comment:

Thank you for your comments – I agree! You’re also welcome!

Here also is a picture of the sand sculpture.

Sculpture of Obama, possibly paid for with funds taken from Medicare.

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