Hey Liberal Elites, Guess Who Built What

What could be a member of Paul Ryan’s family telling Workers to Build It

As the liberal left lick their wounds and the conservative left (or as they are more commonly known: Andrew Sullivan and/or David Wiegel) resign themselves to being just on the wrong side of history after a triumphant Convention that addressed all the Conventional Things that America believes about itself. Of course, there was the unconventional as well, for which I had a front row seat (I was the one in the Nascar plastic poncho because rumor was Eastwood was going to do his classic Gallagher-influenced routine in which he uses a 357 Magnum in place of a hammer; instead, it seems, he’s been working on some new material with his old partner chair, who has been trying to get a solo career going but as I’ve said before, chair has always been the John Oates to Eastwood’s Darryl Hannah Hall?*)

But what was really getting under the liberal media’s skin all week was the enduring theme of “I Built It” (Yes, the official theme was “We Built It”, but I find the “We” a bit too collectivistic for my tastes.) Oh, it’s a lie, that isn’t what Obama said, he was talking about the infrastructure so on and so forth boo hoo hoo blah blah blah yada yada yada . . . And they are still going on about it as you can see from the dismissive way I portray their constant arguments.

Well, okay. Lets accept their argument that Obama was indeed talking about the infrastructure. Well, someone did build that. And that someone who did build that was at the GOP Convention. And that someone who did build that who was at the GOP Convention was conveniently labeled a liar by the liberal media.And you know who exactly I am talking about. Not Mike Huckabee. Not Reince Repeatus. Not Newt Gingrich.  Not Rick Santorum.

Paul Ryan. He built the infrastructure. Not all of it of course. Just parts of the railroads and some the roads in the highway system. Oh, yeah. he built it. He cleared the way of that pesky environment that is always getting in the way of modern progress. He fortified the railroad beds for the new tracks to be laid to bring trains and all the toys and candy that little children of the town on the other side of the hill wanted. He tore down old houses and plowed under obsolete farms to help pave the way for our country’s roads to be paved. Liberals will of course can say it wasn’t Paul Ryan personally building things but it was his great-grandfather and grandfather and respected late father  who built that part of the infrastructure. But why can’t Paul Ryan point at those roads and now mostly deserted track beds and say I built that? He can and does. And will.

Built by association, lets call it. He has all that hard work that went into building up this great country in his DNA. Because that is how America works.  Inheritance is all important. Not just the money. Which is very important, I admit, but not as important as your father’s and your father’s father’s hard work which becomes your hard work.  Plus as if I really need to point this out, Ryan did work for his family’s business right after college right before he dedicated his life to public service by working in Washington (unlike Obama who never worked for his family’s business before he decided to waste his life in the public sector) so he in fact participated in building it. That.

Finally, some will try and say that the Ryans wouldn’t have built anything if the government hadn’t created the opportunity through government funding for the creation of the interstate rail and road systems for which the Ryans built things. Go ahead, try and say that. And while you try and twist your tongue around such a Byzantine sentence, I will answer your suggestion that government actually made all this happen with the simple truth that government has never created any jobs. It’s the companies that has the insight to take government money that creates jobs. So really, he government did was gave companies large sums of money for the ingenuity these companies showed by going into a business that the government will give money to. It was then up to the companies alone to create the jobs that would help fulfill the companies’ visions. Did they use all that money that the government gave them to pay for all this? Hardly.  Thanks to the business acumen of the owners of these companies, very little of that government money went to pay the workers. Also,  the companies didn’t spend a lot of that government funding for the purchasing of equipment or materials either.  No companies to take government money, No jobs.

So, Paul Ryan so

You’re welcome.

*In my original post, I juxtaposed the names of Oates and Hall thinking Hall was the short, smarmier one. Thanks for the heads up on that one, Mr. Hall.

ed. note: Speaking of  the Hall and Oates, yet another SNL alum, G.E. Smith, has come around to back the GOP cause by volunteering his band to accept a large amount of money to play the convention. Take that, Bob Dylan, for whom G.E. Smith has also played according to people who actually know who G.E. Smith is. 

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