A Quick Note to Say You’re Welcome to Mitt Romney

This post is really not to blow my own horn in any way since I have long ago humbly accepted my role as a faceless soldier for the Rights of the Righteous. But I just wanted to point out that I said it, and Romney repeated it, almost verbatim in that the ideas are very similar.

I refer to the part of Mitt Romney speaks lovingly of his immigrant parents and all those immigrants who . . .

 . . .looked up and saw the Statue of Liberty, or knelt down and kissed the shores of freedom, just 90 miles from Castro’s tyranny, these new Americans sure had many questions, but none doubted that here in America they could build a better life.*

Yeah, I know. Only a few days ago I wrote in A Party Like It’s 1999 that in the eyes of the Right that being from Cuba is never having to say “You really need to see my papers?” And here’s Mitt Romney taking my idea and running with it. I am honored.

You’re welcome.

*Quote from transcript courtesy of FoxNews who not only a couple of the final draft, but copies of several drafts along with notes from Mitt asking for clarification on some points.

About Jeffrey Frey

Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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