Sarah Palin Will Be Offended by Biden’s “Squealing Pigs” Comment

It won’t be long now before the ever relevant Sarah Palin will prove her relevance once again as she will take to the Facebook to let Vice President Biden, or Joe as she is allowed to call him since he gave permission on national TV, have it.

It seems that Biden has made another gaffe, or as I like like to call them, a normal speech. This time he goes after Free Market Protectors by saying they sound like a bunch of “squealing pigs.” That’s bad enough  on its own even after calling Ryan and Romney modern day Slavers, which he did.

But in this campaign filled with the left hurling vitriol at whatever GOP target happens to be on Obama’s Bucket List of things to destroy before he dies, Biden’s invoking the image of a pig in a presidential campaign will no doubt remind Sarah Palin of the time Barack Obama, in the middle of a presidential campaign, called her a pig.

Barack Obama, then still a unvetted Socialist  Muslim who was an avid follower of  Black LIberation Theology from postcolonial Kenya, trying to gain a foothold against the powerhouse that was Palin as she toplined the McCain/Palin ticket, evoked Palin’s description of herself as a pitbull with lipstick as he said GOP policy that Palin, along with in a lesser sense her less popular running McCain, represented was just a a pig, representing Bush Policy, on which someone had put lipstick. A weaker person, John Boehner comes to mind, would have run from the room in tears. Sarah Palin stayed in the race and did her best despite the anchor around her neck that was a presidential candidate that wasn’t Sarah Palin, ran a very close second.

So once again, The team of Obama and Biden go after Sarah Palin by evoking an image which would win handedly any game of Six Degrees of Bacon. I await Sarah’s takedown of Biden, possibly sometime next week since she seems to have those dates open on her calendar.

You’re welcome, Sarah. And to a lesser Extent, John McCain.

About Jeffrey Frey

Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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