The Real Other Victim of Oak Creek

(ed. note: This a post from August 8, 2012 that was inadvertently posted under the site administrator’s name. Because he is an idiot, one of the 99%ers who takes a job then 5o%-asses it from the get go. Sorry for any incompetence from this imbecile that has caused any inconvenience.)

You’re welcome, America especially new readers on or as we used to say at the Weekly Standard, Salon.commie (Billy K was so ON that day, the Day of the 2nd Red Bull as it has become known but I digress; perhaps another post.)

My new blog “All Ways Right” on will be starting up any day now but I’ve decided to get started early since there are so many things happening in this truly historic period of our democracy.

But before I go onto the election, I must first address the liberal biased attacks on the victims of Oak Creek. The way that many on the left have handled this tragedy last week has left what could only be described as a hole in the heart of the heartland, a fistula in the foundation of our very Foundation. Without much surprise, the left quickly left the mourning to caring human beings and instantly started pointing fingers in their armchair sociological attempts to try and explain this tragedy. How does this help the victims, seeking the “root” cause of an attack is not a time machine and will not bring their loved ones back. As if dealing with socio-economic conditions in a given area would change why some things happens. If that was true, don’t you think the Chicago Police Department would be trying that already, especially in its Englewood neighborhood, instead of their excellent social outreach program of giving families time to mourn rather than putting them through a thorough investigation and trial? Exactly.

And of course, the first attacks were of course the ones made against American gun owners. These are to be expected and most made reflexively without any thought. “Would the killer have been able to do the same damage with a knife as with a bullet?” Yes. As if I need to explain what kind of damage thousands of knifes could do to a person if thrown at a group of people within a matter of seconds (which I have explained already- check out my archives for “Project Projectile – Knife Throws Bullet Under the Bus”.) Plus, knives can be easily purchased at Anthropologie and/or IKEA. Lets hear Sheryl Crow sing about that!

So, yes, American gun owners are some of the victims created by the left since in their eyes, one person can truly taint millions (Liberals as a whole love this type of baseless demagoguery against groups.) But these tired attempts at pushing their restriction of civil liberty are not what I find so despicable. It was the attacks against one person and her fight for the security of the nation, and their screams of racist as the very nature of the attacks defined true racism, which has added another victim to the list of Oak Creek.

Michelle Bachmann, of course, is a ready target for all liberals but the comments that begin to appear mere moments after Oak Creek happened were just too much. They blame Ms. Bachmann for putting thoughts in the head of the attacker as if she can control the very nature of man (unlike her husband, who actually can and gets paid a pretty penny to do so) for this heinous attack against the Oak Creek church.

An apology of course will be forthcoming from all liberals for their bigoted and opportunistic responses to Oak Creek and for their baseless attacks on Ms. Bachmann. As soon as liberals see the irony of blaming Ms. Bachmann’s call of knowledge about a religious group with their own calls filled with their lack of knowledge about a religious group.

But while we’re waiting, I just want to say Thank You, Liberals. “Thank you?” many of you are asking, some scratching your heads with your monkey feet. Yes, thank you for showing your true nature of ignorance and bigotry. Because many blamed Rep. Bachmann’s call for an investigation into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on our State Department as the catalyst for the attacks on a Sikh church. Except for one thing. Sikhs aren’t Muslims. Not even close. So even as they try to claim the high ground, they like so many of our more ignorant citizens and perhaps even the gunman himself (and many of the tenants of my a certain building who signed a petition right after 9/11 to get its Sikh building manager removed) saw the turban and beard and reacted with little and/or no understanding of the people behind them. So Thank You again for displaying so thoroughly your anti-Sikh feelings.

And to the real victims of Oak Creek, all the victims, I humbly say . . .

You’re welcome.

ed. note – This essay in no way admits any wrongdoing by its author re: Chandha v. 67 West 78th Street Cooperative Board)

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Jeffrey Frey (pronounced Jeff FREE FREE) likes to say he was born twice as free. But unlike others who may take for granted that glorious birthright, he shares that freedom with you the reader, who most likely will again take his insights for granted. This doesn’t bother Jeff since freedom, unlike marriage, should be available to everyone.
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